If you can't find your own fun in this time of self-isolating, here are some videos to keep you entertained.

While most of the world is hunkering down to stay safe, comedians are doing what they do best: making us laugh. This roundup features some Hollywood A-listers, a time-traveling stand-up, quibbling spouses, and everyone's favorite Southern Momma.

Epic Catfight

This viral video is the brainchild of Zoë Bell, one of the best action stars and stuntwomen in the business. You're going to watch this one over and over again, trying to figure out who's who and getting some major design tips. 


Here it is......! Kicking lockdown boredom with some of the coolest! Ladies, you are all my hero’s. ❤️👊❤️ ' 📣 a massive personal shout out to @bodhihorn for editing the flick and my stress levels! ❤️ Follow this fight challenge on my new youtube channel-> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQxzSzB79pMmStI3PvvTJPw/featured?view_as=subscriber (link in bio) . . @camerondiaz @rosieperezbrooklyn @traciethoms @rosariodawson @dhlovelife @florencepugh @lillyaspellactress @julia_butters @halleberry @reallucylawless @scarlettjohanssonworld @drewbarrymore @danielaruah @margotrobbie @kaitlinolson @itssophiadimartino @zoesaldana @thandienewton @juliettelewis @kimberlyshannonmurphystunts @shaunaduggins @amyejohnston @heidimoneymaker @renaemoneymaker707 @angelameryl @sunmoonl @actiongirl99 @kella.mcallister @moganderton @kttunstall @jessiegraffpwr @daynastunts @tamikobrownlee @laurenmarykim @sarah_irwin @taramacken 😘#BossBitchFightChallenge #LockdownKnockdown #ZoeBell #ScarlettJohansson #MargotRobbie #CameronDiaz #LucyLawless #HalleBerry #JulietteLewis #FlorencePugh #RosarioDawson #RosiePerez #TracieThoms #ThandieNewton #ReneeEliseGoldberry #DrewBarrymore #DanielaRuah #ZoeSaldana #KaitlinOlson #amyjohnston #SophiaDiMartino #JuliaButters #LillyAspell #StuntWomen #darylhannah #GirlsDoItBetter #stuntreactionchallenge #cucchallenge My mum would be loving this. @tishmbell ❤️

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Quarantine Stereotypes

This one is hilarious because you know at least one person who fits the bill, even if it's you. From binge-watching marathons to DIY masks and new hobbies, this video covers it all.

Note to Self

While not "ha-ha funny," this video is something we all wish we could do. Check out what comedian Julie Nolke does with a quick trip to the past. How would you warn your January self without triggering the butterfly effect?

Marriage in Quarantine

You know you're in a lockdown situation when you can't get away from your spouse and their chewing, amirite? The Holderness Family takes on marriage in the times of quarantine.

Zoom with Old People

At this point, if you haven't experienced any of what you see in this video, are you even zooming, bro?

Southern Momma's Family Quarantine

Part of the genius of Darren Knight's Southern Momma is that you know you can relate to her. Southern accent aside, how many of these thoughts have you had lately?

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