One man even reached out and "booped" the bear's nose.

Another viral bear video is making the rounds—and this time, it's from right here in the DMV. 

On August 6, Kaitlyn Nesbit and her family were enjoying a picnic at Deep Creek in Maryland, when a black bear meandered right up and started helping herself to the group's snacks on the table—just like she was a part of the fam.

According to the New York Post, most of the picnickers retreated to the deck and filmed the encounter, while four remained at the table, taking selfies and not making any sudden movements. One man can even be seen "booping" the bear's face.

Watch the 30-second video here:

The owners of the property said they see the bear frequently and that she doesn't bother anybody.

Nobody was hurt in the encounter, but it "bears" repeating that interactions with wild animals always need to be handled with care. Never approach a bear that you see in the wild, and if it approaches you, attempt to stay calm and not make sudden movements.

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