This unusual friendship is going to melt your heart.

The unusual friendships between different species of animals are not uncommon. In fact, some animals are just as capable as us in sharing love and warmth with their friends. Such is the adorable story of Duke and Rex.

In Queen Creek, Arizona, Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary rescues and provides shelter to farm animals and horses. Most of these animals are abused or neglected and need both emotional and medical care. The sanctuary has a great team of specialized veterinarians, volunteers, and trainers, who take care of every animal and look after their needs.

Farm animal

Image courtesy of  Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary

Duke is one such adorable calf of the sanctuary. He was born with dwarfism and no bones in his legs. Recently, Duke met a new friend, Rex. Rex is a rooster whose owner surrendered him because he was being singled out. Both the animals took an instant liking to each other.

Duke and Rex

Image courtesy of  Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary 

They have become almost inseparable now, snuggling throughout the day and sleeping together at night! Super-cute, right? They have been solitary most of their lives but now cannot have enough of each other.

Duke and Rex's snuggly photos and videos have gone viral, giving Aimee's Sanctuary a lot of attention. Many kids and adults visit the farm to spend some loving time with these animals with special needs, and this new BFF situation is working wonders for the visitors.

Duke, Rex and kid

Image courtesy of  Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary 

Check out the adorable video of the two below:


We’re absolutely overwhelmed with emotion here at @aimeesfarmanimalsanctuary! Thank you @earthlinged for sharing Duke and Rex’s story and our tax deductible donation links! This is the viral video without the audio (video with audio in our story). This video was filmed by one of our visitors and is being shared widely across the internet. Video credit: source removed by request Also, I’ve just finished an interview with Channel 12 News which will air today at 4! What an amazing day! Thank you so much for your continued support of our sanctuary and all of the babies! And welcome to the new friends who are joining our social media pages! ❤️ PayPal: Venmo: aimeesfarm #grateful #aimeesfarmanimalsanctuary #dukeandrex

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Such heartwarming stories of love tell us that maybe animals are emotionally much more developed than we think. Aimee, who herself is a trauma survivor, and her group are doing an incredible job taking care of these animals and need a donation to meet the costs of food, shelter, and the animals' special needs. They also currently have 12 animals up for adoption, looking for a loving home.

If you'd like to contribute to these voiceless animals, please visit Aimee's Farm Animal Sanctuary website. Every little bit of help matters for the farm and its residents.

Have you ever witnessed such a sweet friendship like that of Duke and Rex? Tell us about your experience in the comments!