This Denver healthcare worker and his husky show us that sometimes we all need someone to lean on. 

In his downtime from fighting the COVID-19 virus, Denver healthcare worker Tate Hegstrom likes to let loose and sing, and so does his husky, Kovu. Hegstrom, an administrative resident at HealthONE, recorded a rendition of "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers, and Kovu shows off his impressive vocal talents by "singing" along.

Though Hegstrom is playing the music on his guitar and leading the song, Kovu steals the show. The video was posted on Instagram, and has since received a lot of attention. So much attention that Kovu was featured on national television multiple times, including on Good Morning America and Inside Edition.

Have a listen for yourself to see what all the buzz is about:


We all need someone to lean on 🎶 #husky #goodmorningamerica

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Kovu lives with Hegstorn and his wife, Emily—and clearly, this dog loves to sing. He belts out in harmony with the song, and the way he and Hegstrom lock eyes at the end is just pure love. And as the song says, sometimes we all just need someone to lean on, especially now. 

The Instagram profile has a few other shots of the family and another video of the howling husky.

We love this story and hope to hear more of Kovu's singing soon! Keep up the good work, fellas! What do you think about this howling husky? Sound off in the comments.