The kayaker was able to grab onto a tree and right himself!

Kayaking/animal encounters seem to be the thing right now! Earlier, we reported about a fisherman near Oahu who captured a video of a curious tiger shark bumping up against his kayak. But this one's a little closer to home.

Peter Joyce was kayaking on the Waccamaw River this past weekend when an alligator charged at him, tipping the kayak over.

“I thought I heard a fish jump to my left—turned out not to be a fish,” Joyce told the news media. “About three feet from the kayak I made out the head of the gator and that was it, I had no time to react.”

Lucky for him, there was a tree nearby that Joyce was able to grab and use to right himself. Lucky for us, he caught the entire incident on camera.

Watch the scary encounter here:

The alligator disappeared after the incident. Joyce said that he was not injured and that his kayak was not damaged.

What do you think? Have you ever experienced a scary animal encounter while kayaking? Tell us in the comments!