The UPS guy jumps out of the way just in time.

Chalk this one up as a "grizzly" situation that was "bearly" avoided.

A surveillance camera recently caught footage of a UPS delivery man dropping off a package on the porch of a cabin in a mountainous area. As he's heading back to his truck, he jumps out of the way of a Grizzly bear who comes charging into view, narrowly missing him.

Watch the close call here:


Definitely has a dump in his pants after that @barstooloutdoors (via @sophiasavelli @rrocket_mann)

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For his part, the UPS employee returns to the porch area to shoo the bear away. 

In case we haven't said it recently (or enough!), we just want to say that we really appreciate all the delivery drivers that frequent our homes in the age of COVID, putting themselves at risk in a multitude of dangerous situations—virus-related and otherwise.

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