Penguins are settling into their new home!

Welcome to our state's newest feathered friends! The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has added eleven new African penguins to its mountain oasis. In fact, these penguins are the first residents of the zoo's Water's Edge: Africa exhibit. Five came to live there last week, and this week, the zoo welcomed six more!

You can see them hit the water in their habitat at about 1:45 in the below video. 

Four of the penguins that joined the zoo last week were from the San Francisco Zoo: Safara, Alex, and sons, Rudo and Rufaro. The fifth penguin, Pomona, came from the Denver Zoo. 

As the zoo is closed now, the animals are getting to know their new home, and it will be great to see them in the new exhibit, which will host both the new penguins and hippos. 

"This special new exhibit (opening to be announced), will improve environments and support successful breeding programs for both species, while giving our guests extraordinary new ways to view their daily lives. Nile hippos and African penguins face surmounting threats in the wild, so it’s important that we try to inspire people to take conservation action on behalf of these, and other, species," said the zoo. 

The six newest penguins came from the Toledo Zoo and are named Biggs, Napoleon, Pearl, Percy, Captain, and Darby.

According to the zoo, the hippos will be joining their feathered friends sometime soon. Due to a few issues with the hippo pool, they've been hanging out at another zoo.

"Our hippos are currently vacationing at Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, MO. As soon as we are able to solve the issues we're having with the new hippo pools, we'll be able to schedule them to return home to CMZoo," said the zoo.

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