Footage shows the terrifying crash as it happened in real-time.

Last week, we wrote about a Jeep Wrangler that went over the edge of Black Bear Pass in Telluride, Colorado. Although both the driver and passenger sustained non-life-threatening injuries, the passenger did sustain some more serious injuries but is on the road to recovery. On October 19, dashcam footage from another driver who was lower on Black Bear Pass shows the crash as it happened.

The video does a good job of capturing just how treacherous Black Bear Pass is. At the time the footage was captured, nobody was present in the vehicle, thankfully, which most likely saved both their lives. The driver who published the video on his YouTube page narrowly escapes being caught up in the carnage as well.

We're thankful that no lives were lost during this event. There is a GoFundMe created for the passenger that sustained more serious injuries in the crash and we encourage you to donate. According to the GoFundMe, the passenger is in stable condition but has a long road to recovery ahead.

We can't emphasize enough to go the extra mile and stay safe out there on the trails. Always check your rig and equipment before heading out, and lend a helping hand to other drivers, whether it's recovery or spotting. Let's rally around the crash victim and help her on the road to recovery.

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