Road rage is already cringe-worthy behavior, but this lady takes it to another level.

We've all had our share of bad days where we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but that's no excuse to start cussing at strangers in traffic. It seems like that's exactly what this Denver woman did one morning, though, and the recipient of her outburst quickly humbled her.

The person she yelled at filmed the incident and posted it to a TikTok account that's since been removed, but not before the video circulated on Twitter. With almost 700,000 views from this single tweet, it's safe to say her bad behavior has gone somewhat viral. You can watch it below, but please note that there's some profanity in this video.

Well, she clearly wasn't expecting that response and was quick to apologize, albeit somewhat sarcastically. Her behavior might seem surprising, but anyone who lives in Colorado or has visited probably knows that the locals can be kind of ... passionate about being from the area. "Transplants," or people who move to Colorado from out of state, aren't always greeted with open arms. 

While some of the reasons for feeling this way are incredibly valid, like the rising cost of living and gentrification, it can clearly lead to some confrontational moments. As this example shows, you just never know someone's circumstances. Next time, this lady might think twice before jumping to conclusions and taking out her frustrations on a random person.

As always, the replies to the tweet are worth sharing:


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This article has been amended to change the phrase, "Out-of-State Driver", in the headline to simply say, "Driver in Traffic."