It's a Boy ... and a Girl! 

On Mother's Day, The Denver Zoo let us all in on the genders of the two little lion nuggets that were born on April 23

We've got a female and a male! 

Mom, 4-year-old Kamara, and the little cubs are doing well and hanging out behind the scenes as they bond and grow. According to the zoo, they are primarily hanging out in the den box built to mimic the space that Kamara would give birth in out in the wild. They have access to other spaces, as well. 

"Kamara is celebrating today with her two newborn cubs, and we're so excited to share that her cubs are male and female," said the zoo on its Facebook page. "We haven’t named them just yet, but stay tuned for more on that front, and keep checking back for our next #cubdate."

Watch this adorable video of mom and the curious cubs! 


The cubs are also the offspring of the zoo's male lion, Tobias. Tobias is also father of Tatu, the little bundle of energy the zoo welcomed last year

"Kamara and Tobias were a very genetically-valuable match,” said General Curator Emily Insalaco. “And these cubs are an important contribution to the species’ population in AZA facilities, and will help inspire visitors to learn more about their wild cousins.”

The cubs will remain behind the scenes for about two months before they are slowly introduced to the rest of the pride. You may have followed Tatu as he made his journey into out into the public view. The pride seemed very welcoming to that little guy as he jumped and played all around (and on) them, so it will be fun to watch these two newest little ones as they join Benson Predator Ridge. 

What do you think their names should be? Will you be visiting the zoo as soon as it can welcome guests in the gates? Let us know in the comments.