"And ... he's off!" Or, they're off! This canine fan of horse racing is going viral.

Watch this adorable video that's gone viral of a dog watching horse racing on television. You'll see Bella, the star dog, wagging her tail, barking, and jumping as she watches the horse race

Madison Coates, a friend of Bella's owner, shares on YouTube, "Here’s the full video of Bella before the horses started. I love when she realizes.. lol 😂 You prolly seen her on tiktok or other platforms but she loves any type of animal on the tv. Maybe next time we will put on dog racing ? Haha"

"A 2013 study shows that dogs can pick out pictures of other dogs apart from humans, and group them into categories using only visual clues. It is a known fact that like-species gather for social interactions and dogs recognized and were drawn to their own species on the television screen more readily than images of anything else. Possibly an evolutionary measure based on breeding needs, it is an important facet of a dog’s life," writes TheBark.com.

There's a television station that's specifically designed for dogs, DOGTV. The station has more frames per second than stations set for humans. The colors are also chosen within the spectrum that dogs can readily see. "DOGTV is the only technology created for dogs with sights and sounds scientifically designed to enrich your dog's environment."

TheBark.com shared more insight into their blog, Here's What Dogs See When They Watch Television

Friends have chimed in with their thoughts:

"We need an Instagram profile for Bella!" ~adith100

"Thanks for making my day!!❣️ "~ullom2869

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