"He winds up with all kinds of things stuck to/on him on a regular basis," says his owner.

Luke, an adorable pooch from Canada, found himself in a ruff situation after his owners left him home alone.

Becca Ann Hoerner, Luke’s owner, says he will always go for the one item in a room or outside he absolutely should not have. This dog drags around metal tools, blocks of concrete, and pretty much anything he can get his paws on. 

“It is literally all day and night that he is getting into things he shouldn’t, I swear he knows what he shouldn’t have and goes straight for it,” Hoerner told The Dodo.

While preparing for Canadian Thanksgiving, the family made a quick run to the store and left Luke home alone. And when they got back, they were greeted with a hilarious sight; Luke had somehow managed to get his head inside a pumpkin.

Hoerner managed to get a little video of the scene before she freed him from his self-imposed predicament. She then shared the video on Facebook for everyone to enjoy:

The dog was happy to be free and seemed no worse the wear! Hoerner says he probably jumped up on the table and got into the decorations as soon as the family left. We can only imagine what precarious situation this doggo will find himself in once the holiday decorations come out!

"Honestly I think he was having a blast," Hoerner added. "He winds up with all kinds of things stuck to/on him on a regular basis. He was bouncing around just trying to make eye contact through the pumpkin's eye-holes!"

We all appreciate a great dog story, and this one is as silly as they come. Have you ever seen a dog do something like this? Sound off in the comments.