This TOTALLY made my day.

Things might look bleak in 2020, but people still sing ... there are still grocery stores ... and there are still silly people on the internet. Annnd, there's still TikTok—at least for now.

As someone who gets the goose bumps whenever I hear harmony, this modern-day random, virtual collaboration gave me all.the.feels. And frankly, we think it's Tony Award-worthy.

You have to watch these posts in order. Start with this guy singing in Aisle 9 of a grocery store:


Then, this gal takes the cue and sings another part in response using TikTok's Duet feature:


Everyone starts chiming in.


And it just. keeps. going.



Completely epic, hilarious, and oh-so-satisfying.

What do you think? Will "Fighting in a Grocery Store" win a Tony? Care to add your own duet? Leave a comment!