The performer's most recent feat "Ascescion" was a childhood dream come true. 

Illusionist, magician, and performer David Blaine, known for his mind-boggling feats, successfully accomplished another daunting stunt earlier this week. Blaine reached an altitude of about 25,000 feet by floating skyward using only helium balloons.

The stunt, "Ascension", was likely the most dangerous and ambitious feat he has ever attempted. He partnered with YouTube Originals to live-stream the event, which he says was inspired by his daughter and his own childhood dream. Blaine spent months training prepping for the stunt; becoming an expert at skydiving and flying balloons, as well as acclimating to cooler temps found in higher air. 

On Wednesday, September 2, Blaine put all those hours of training to good use when he performed the high-flying feat. After two hours of prep, he began his ascent over Page, Arizona. Gripping a bunch of about 50 large helium balloons—these were not your birthday party variety balloons; they were much larger and outfitted with cameras—Blaine carried weights on him that he periodically dropped to increase his ascension once he lifted off. 

Watch the stunt below: 

The illusionist had a goal of reaching 18,000 feet, and he exceeded that by hitting a high of 24,900 feet. Once there, he let the balloons go and skydived and parachuted back to the ground where he landed safely. The stunt itself took about a half an hour, from lift-off.

An entire team of engineers, stunt experts, weather experts, and more were involved in the project.

What do you think about this high-flying stunt? Would you want to float above the earth from a bunch of balloons? What other mind-bending stunts would you want to see someone like Blane perform? Sound off on the comments.