Zoo keepers take our feathered friends on a walk around the zoo!

In light of the recent coronavirus closures, the Denver Zoo has found itself with bored animals that love to see their fans. In order to keep them engaged, the zoo let their flamingos take a stroll with adorable results!

"For a while, our keepers have been walking our Chilean flamingo chicks outside for physical therapy and exercise. With the Zoo closed, we thought it would be fun if the grown-ups joined in! It’s entirely up to them—as you can see, it’s their choice to walk outside our flamingo habitat door, and so far only a small portion of the 77 bird flock has chosen to be adventurous. So sit back, and take a walk on the wild-side," said the zoo's Facebook page. 

You can tell they love to stretch their wings and explore the grounds. The best part is the penguin/flamingo meet-cute. Can you imagine what they were thinking about each other?

The zoo says it pretty easy to herd the flamingo by just walking them where they need to be. According to a comment they left in their post, the birds are very flock oriented, so they don't stray too much from their buds.

"We trim their flight feathers, but also they are an extremely flock-oriented bird. They like to stay together."

According to the zoo, there are six species of flamingo, and Denver Zoo is home to 2 species: Chilean and American.

"You can tell the American Flamingo apart from the Chilean because the Americans are the brightest pink of all the flamingo species. All flamingos get their coloring from the food they eat. They eat food that contains carotenoids such as Canthaxanthin, which colors the feathers and Astaxanthin, which colors the skin and legs. In the wild they would eat invertebrates, mollusks, insects, crustaceans, algae and other plant material. Here at the zoo, [they] eat a formulated soaked pellet for flamingos and krill for a treat."

The zoo related to commenters on its Facebook page that it has a plan for opening, but hasn't settled on a date yet. Once it does, zoo officials say they will put it all over social media, so we can visit our favorite animals!

Are you missing the zoo? If you'd like to help keep the animals happy and healthy, you can donate to the zoo during this time.