Nessie, is that you?

Florida has a brand new water monster of its own, in the form of a ginormous alligator. 

Duck hunters caught the beast on camera doing a little hunting of its own. You can see it surfacing and then snatching a duck into its giant jaws. After quite a bit of snacking on the poor duck, the alligator arches its back a bit, and you really get a full view of just how huge it really is. 

"Alright, you're fed, now get out of here," you can hear the cameraman say. Unfortunately for them, this gluttonous gator was just waiting to grab any ducks these hunters bagged. You can hear one of them say "number two of the day," so this beast was obviously lying in wait. In the video, the gator grabbed a duck the hunters had got, but the one in the front appears to be a decoy used to lure ducks in. No wonder this absolute unit was so huge—smart thinking on its part to let the hunters bring dinner to it. Scary for the rest of us that this giant has figured it out and knows our games. Thanks, Florida. 

Check out the video below:

The post got tons of comments from thousands of viewers. Many speculating where this thing even came from and making them think twice about heading to Florida. 

"This is why we ain't going south," said one. "I change my mind about duck hunting," said another. 

This is big Lake Placid vibes. But what else can we expect from 2020?

What do you think about this insanely large gator? What would you do if you ran into it in the wild? Let us know in the comments!