The elk didn't even see the bear coming.

On Friday, September 18, Yellowstone National Park visitor B.E. Judson caught "grisly" footage of a Grizzly bear attacking and killing a bull elk in the Yellowstone River, before dragging the carcass to the riverbank to begin his meal.

"At first light this morning I pulled over noting a Bull Elk with a few cows in the upper right of the meadow depicted in the opening photograph," Judson posted in the YouTube video description. "I was startled moments later by a Bull Elk running into the Yellowstone River pursued by a large Grizzly Bear. The Grizzly was successful in taking down the Bull Elk after only a few minutes, but it worked for around a half an hour to redirect it to the far side of the river and secure it on the east bank, about one- hundred yards downstream from the north end of Hayden Valley."

The video is almost five-and-a-half minutes long and shows the poor elk fighting for his life, his legs flailing above the water as the bear pins him below.

Watch it here:

We've been blessed with many Yellowstone bear and bison videos throughout the summer. Search for "Yellowstone" at to see a whole slew of them!