My heart just dropped watching this ...

From everything that we've been able to tell, the journey to get this donated heart to its recipient was successful, in the end. But you can't help but feel your heart drop while watching emergency personnel retrieve the organ from the crashed helicopter and then hand it over to a hospital staff member, who then trips and drops it. 

The helicopter pilot, whose private air ambulance flight originated in San Diego, was transporting the donated heart to a recipient at Keck Hospital of USC in Los Angeles when the chopper crashed on the helipad upon arrival. The pilot was treated for minor injuries, and two other people on board declined treatment. 

The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the crash. Watch the retrieval scene play out here:



According to news sources, the heart was safely retrieved and all turned out well.

Obviously, the journey of a heart or any donated organ is an intense, grueling process for everyone involved. To learn how to become an organ donor and give the gift of life in the case of your untimely passing, visit