The heroic act was caught on a Ring doorbell camera. 

The Salgado family was fast asleep the morning of New Year’s Day, with no clue that their lives were in danger. Nicole Salgado awoke in her Avondale, Arizona, home that morning to desperate knocking and the doorbell ringing over and over. Nicole ran to find and awake her four children, while her husband, David, booked it to the front door to see what the racket was all about.

What happened next was every family’s worst nightmare. The Salgado family home was on fire and a neighbor had made enough noise to alert the family to the danger. As David opened the door, their neighbor Carolyn “Carol” Palisch informed him the home was on fire and they needed to get out fast.

Salgado, her husband, and their children made it outside with little but the clothes on their backs. Salgado managed to run back in after the kids were safe to grab the family pets. The roof collapsed moments after they made it out, and they watched as everything they owned was destroyed.

Palisch’s heroic act was caught on the home’s Ring video doorbell and was shared on social media by Salgado. The video has been liked almost 7 million times so far on TokTok. Check it out below: 


We are so thankful to just be alive. Our GoFundMe linked in bio, just by sharing would help #fyp #foryoupage #share #thankful #anythinghelps

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Salgado says the family is just happy to be alive and calls her neighbor Carol an angel. Firefighters told Salgado the family would have not survived had Carol not awoken them when she did. The 63-year-old nurse told ABC 15 Arizona that she noticed smoke coming from the roof as she was drinking her morning coffee. She immediately bolted out the door.

“I just knew I had to get them out and get them up. That was my goal," she said to ABC 15 Arizona. "I didn’t want to yell fire because I didn’t want to scare the kids. Because if you yell fire then they might scatter or go looking for possessions. Finally, David opened the door and I very calmly said, 'You need to get out. Your house is on fire.'”

Salgado and her family lost almost everything; the home is a total loss, and their car was also burnt up in the fire. A GoFundMe has been started for the family to help them rebuild.

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