The fast-moving bear can be seen chasing after mountain goats along a slightly busy hiking trail.

A visitor to Glacier National Park got a little more than she bargained for whilst on a hike. The woman just happened to be in the right—well, possibly the wrong—spot at the exact time to witness an encounter between a grizzly bear and some mountain goats.

Glacier National Park is an almost 6,000-square-mile wilderness area in Montana that's home to the iconic Hidden Lake and draws millions of visitors every year. Regina Louisa was on a trail with other hikers when the large grizzly made an unexpected appearance, his focus fixed on a pair of mountain goats. Louisa managed to get part of the chase on video, including a part where the bear is rushing full-speed in her direction. 

Check out the breathtaking encounter in the video shared by NBC Montana:

Thankfully, the grizzly did not deviate from pursuing the goats after barreling by a group of hikers, and Louisa now has a once-in-a-lifetime tale to share. 

When describing the encounter on Facebook, she said:

“Yesterday (7/25) on the Hidden Lake Overlook Trail at about 6:30pm, a young grizzly scared those of us who were near the outlook. He came charging fast, but was not interested in people at all. He was after multiple mountain goats!!! (Excuse the profanity, adrenaline was rushing!!) 😳🐐🐻”

Grizzly bears are common in Glacier National Park; there are estimated to be about 300 or so grizzlies living there. The park reminds visitors to be "bear aware". Glacier is home to both grizzlies and black bears. It is advised to always hike in a group of three or more, and to avoid surprise encounters with bears by making noise and staying on the trail. 

We are thankful this encounter ended the best way it could, and thanks to Louise for sharing!