"We saw people booking it like we’ve never ever seen before in our lives. Even in the Olympics."

If you saw a big ol' grizzly bear heading toward hikers who don't see him coming, what would you do? That's the question Dulé Krivdich and his wife faced while hiking near Hidden Lake in Montana's Glacier National Park. From their lofty vantage point on a higher trail, they could see a 500+pound bear ambling down a trail down below, headed straight for some hikers that didn't see him yet. So they started yelling to get the hikers' attention and urging them to not run. 

But when the bear started picking up speed and charging down the path, you can see three people scatter at high speeds, evidently running for their lives.

Watch the encounter here:

Krivdich, who filmed the scary incident, later posted the video on his social media with the following description:

Be Bear Aware Folks.

This was this afternoon hiking back up after visiting Hidden Lake. Just a switchback below where my wife and I just motored through, this big fella (I’d say a 500+ pound Grizzly came through a treeline, down a meadow and swiftly on to the trail itself to get to wherever he wanted to go. Now hikers just below on the same trail are totally unaware of what’s heading their way as we from above start yelling that there is a bear barreling down the same trail.

As one yells back “what do we do?”

“Just start making a lot of noise!!! Don’t run!!!! But just then, the grizz made a bluff charge and we saw people booking it like we’ve never ever seen before in our lives. Even in the Olympics. But I think that it was a case of the Bear not knowing people were coming up as the people had no idea but even once they did, they still did the worse thing.......they RAN!!! Thank goodness that it all went well afterwards. Other than that it was a beautiful day for a hike down to Hidden Lake.

Just a reminder that if you do encounter a bear in the wild, running is the last thing you should do, even though your instincts may say otherwise! Running "may trigger a natural predator-prey attack response and a grizzly can easily outrun the world's fastest human," Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks explains on its website.

Lucky for these folks, everything turned out okay. 

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