Need a good laugh today? Watch what happens when this deceased Irish man's voice starts calling for help—from his casket.

Friends and family of Shay Bradley had gathered in Kilmanagh, Ireland, on Saturday to pay their respects to the deceased Irish Defense Force veteran, when suddenly his voice came bellowing from beyond the grave.

Just as bagpipes began to play at his funeral, Bradley's voice rang out, along with what sounded like "knocks" and a struggle from inside the casket. 

"Let me out!"

In the video of the funeral prank, which has since gone viral, Bradley's friends and family chuckle, likely appreciating their loved one's last laugh—a joke he literally took with him to the grave.

Watch it here:

Obviously, Bradley had pre-recorded and pre-arranged the stunt, and whoever he trusted with the gag seemingly pulled it off effortlessly.

Bravo, Mr. Bradley. And may you rest in peace.