It's the video we didn't know we needed so much.

May flowers are emerging, trees are blooming, and armadillos are strolling?

The zoo brings us yet another adorable animal video to keep us up on all the happenings with our favorite animals. Recently, the zoo took its flamingos out on a walk, culminating with an adorable over-the-fence meeting between their feathered penguin friends.

This time, keepers took a little bundle of fun out for a walk in the spring flowers, and I really can't tell you how much you have to watch the video. Miss Pele took a stroll through the daffodils, and watching her scoot around sniffing everything is The. Most. Adorable. Thing. Ever.

"If you went out for a walk in this beautiful sunshine, you’re not alone. Before we donated our daffodils, little Miss Pele took a wander through the meadow, for some impromptu enrichment, exploring a new space with new sights, sounds and SMELLS!" the zoo said on its Facebook page.

The zoo has been working extra hard to ensure its animals are enriched and entertained while the park has been closed. Many of the animals reportedly love to see their fans on a daily basis, and they are missing visitors. The zoo also works with its animals to positively participate in their own care and training, making it easier to keep them happy and healthy, and Miss Pele is a prime example of how that works.

 "While this little three-banded armadillo is indeed very speedy, her steps are very small, so it’s easy for us to keep up with her. That, and she has a really positive association with her crate, so when we were ready to go home, we just set it down and she just walked right in!"

Miss Pele is an animal ambassador for the zoo, so she isn't in a regular public habitat. She, instead, makes appearances at pop-up demonstrations. After she took her stroll, the zoo donated its daffodils to a very good cause during this time.