If you're on a plane, you better be wearing a mask ...

Recently a video was posted to Twitter showing a woman, dubbed "Karen," who was forced to leave a plane because she refused to wear a mask.

Already garnering over two million views, the video captures an older white woman collecting her luggage and leaving after being caught without her facial covering. Several fellow passengers filmed her departure. TikTok user jslade88 filmed and posted the episode, and it was then reposted on Twitter by @BookofJonah, with an overall caption, "Ole Karen refused to wear a mask on an @AmericanAir flight so she was KICKED OFF. And then everyone clapped. #KarensGoneWild #karen."

As passengers cheer her exit, the woman replies, "You can clap all you want, but no one even cares."

Someone responds, "Just leave! We have flights to get."

Many Twitter users have commented on the situation, wondering why the woman was even allowed to get on the plane when there is a tight mandatory mask policy in place.

"How did she even get on the plane without one? Why wasn't she stopped at the gate? Did she have one on to get in the plane but refused to keep it on? Just drive 'Karen'! Geez!" one user said.

Another user commented, "3 carry-on's and no mask. Why was she even allowed to board?"

"How was she allowed to carry on all those bags?! Guh Bye, Karen. Take your 17 totes and hit the road. I flew American Airlines to Albany on Monday and the recorded announcement was on repeat. 'You must wear a mask, or be asked 2 leave'," another said.

Wearing a mask has not only become mandatory for traveling on planes but in other situations as well, depending on the state or country. 

It remains a mystery how the woman was able to get on the plane, considering the tight rules. However, her removal was for the best.

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