This might be the most disturbing mask freak-out video we've seen yet!

A man dressed in a Texas Longhorns cap and sweatpants accosted some Walmart employees in Alaska, recently, after they asked him to leave for refusing to wear a face mask.

Watch the tirade here, but be warned that there is colorful language used:

“Get back on your highway to hell and get out of a godly man’s face," the unidentified man says to the employees at one point. Then later, "Please, return to your service of Satan and your ignorant belief in your rights.”

The employees remain fairly calm and collected throughout the 2:20-minute clip, and towards the end, one employee repeatedly says, "Have a nice day," as the irate customer screams and points in her face.

Walmart has required customers to wear face masks in their stores since July 20.

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