What do you get when you combine Match.com, Ryan Reynolds, and a classic Taylor Swift hit?

Find out by watching this hilarious ad that just rolled out for the iconic dating service:

The backstory for this is pretty fascinating, and one you'll know if you're a true Swiftie at heart. In a nutshell, Taylor is currently re-recording her earliest albums to get around an ongoing ownership dispute for the rights to her music. Many consider those crossover country-pop years some of her best work, so this sneak peek is actually pretty epic to her fans.

According to Tay-Tay herself, this sneak peek is courtesy of her friendship with Ryan Reynolds and his marketing genius. You couldn't pick a better ballad than "Love Story" to serve as background music for Satan and his new side chick, 2020. Watch as they fall in love and wreak havoc on this dumpster fire of a year, all to the strains of this 2008 hit.

So how does Ryan Reynolds factor into all of this? Well, if you dig a little deeper, you'll find that the ad's creator, Maximum Effort, is his production company that puts out ads, films, and digital marketing for clients and pet projects alike. Given his wife's friendship with Taylor, it's a natural symbiosis to combine the two for an ad that has already gone viral in its first day of release.

What do you think of this quirky new Match ad? Does it hit your funny bone, or is it just a bit too close to home for your liking? Sound off in the comments!