It's nice to see someone getting use of the empty slopes ... and looking super cute doing it!

Parker the Snow Dog, Loveland Ski Area's official pup and the Honorary Mayor of Georgetown, is a very good boy. The 3-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog is popular with skiers and animal lovers from all over the world, is a fan of Colorado sports, and is also an important ally of the Colorado disabled community.

"The Easter Seals camp at Rocky Mountain Village is a common stop for Parker where he dishes out a healthy serving of love, hugs, and slobber to the camp’s amazing patrons," says his official website.

Now, he is here to cheer us up in the uncertain times of COVID-19. Watch him hit the slopes, so to speak, at Loveland Ski Area for your daily dose of "awwwwww!"

Need more of this adorable doggo romping in the snow? Well ... we're lucky he's very active on his social media pages! Here's another day out that he shared with us via his Twitter account.

In addition to just being so doggone cute, Parker has also found his way into paw-litics. In February, Parker put his paw in the ring for Honorary Mayor of Georgetown, and he was officially sworn in on February 18. Parker's representatives say that he is committed to bringing hugs, love, and cookies to the people of Georgetown.

On top of his mayor duties, as well as duties with Loveland Ski Area and Easter Seals, Parker is also known to rub elbows with various pro athletes and news personalities across the country. In his spare time, he likes to pursue his typical Coloradan interests of the "Denver Broncos, Von Miller, Loveland Ski Area, volunteering at camp, camping, hikes, hanging out at breweries, road trips with dad, playing with my toys," according to his Facebook page.