She saved him from certain death.

On Wednesday, a police officer in Lodi, California, pulled a wheelchair-bound man off of train tracks just before a train came rolling through.

Noticing a man apparently stuck on the train tracks as the railroad crossing arms were descending, Officer Erika Urrea rushed out of her vehicle and pulled the man out of his wheelchair and off the tracks. The force of the situation caused both Urrea and the man, 66, to fall back. 

A video of the entire incident was captured on Urrea's body camera, and the Lodi Police Department posted the footage to YouTube.

Watch the incredible life-saving moment here:

“Officer Urrea risked her own life to save another and her actions prevented a tragedy today," the Lodi Police Department said. " We are extremely proud of Officer Erika Urrea and her heroism.”

As the train rolled by, Urrea called for an ambulance, her urgency evident in her voice. The man was eventually transported to the hospital with a leg injury.

Kudos to Officer Urrea for her quick action that ultimately saved this man from certain death!