Ref was helped off the field. Player was charged with assault. 

There's no doubt that Texas takes its high school football seriously, but it recently got a little too extreme in a game between Pharr-San Juan-Alamo High School Bears and Edinburgh High School Bobcats, thanks to a disgruntled high school player.

Edinburgh High School's Bobcats Emmanuel Duron took to the field in retaliation against an ejection call levied his way for unsportsmanlike conduct. But, he wasn't taking his frustration out on the opposing team. He was taking it out on the ref that handed him the call. Local journalist, Andrew McCullough, tweeted about the incident on December 3. 

The video of the incident was posted to YouTube by Sports Lights, among many other outlets:

You can see the player walking off the field as the camera pans back to the game, then hear the crowd yelling and the player lays the ref out. Several players and a coach tried to stop him but to no avail.

Local reporter Andrew McCullouch was on hand for the incident and tweeted the situation as the incident happened. According to McCulloch, Duron was the Bobcat's best defensive player.  

The ref was helped off the field to be evaluated for a concussion. He was replaced by a back-up referee. Duron was escorted off the field by police, though was not handcuffed.

Unfortunately for Duron, who was also a state wrestling contender, repercussions were swift. Duron was charged with Class A assault during an arraignment the morning after the game, according to McCulloch. The Edinburgh school district announced it was removing the Edinburg High Bobcats from postseason play due to the incident. 

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