Because we all think 2020 needs to go down the crapper, this holiday light display sums it up perfectly. 

Think 2020 was the worst year ever? Want to flush it away and start fresh? So do the people at Service Sanitation in Gary, Indiana. The company, which has set up an annual holiday light display for the past several years, presented 2020’s display on its social media accounts earlier this month, and we have to say, it's pretty flushing fantastic.

This year’s display features a glorious rendition of the Hallelujah chorus, sung by a choir of animated faces on the sides of portable toilets. The music has some famous holiday movie quotes worked in, to truly embody the holiday theme.

Without further ado, check out the “#JingleJohns. A lighted loo experience” for yourselves:

Service Sanitation provides services for several construction sites and big events in Indiana and the surrounding area. They are well known for the blue porta-potties, using 32 of them this year to make the animated holiday display. The company claims to have broken a world record for “the most animated faces on a single holiday display." Though, this is not an official Guinness World Record, as they don't track animated faces. The company does say, however, it's scoured the internet to find another display with more faces and hasn't found any.

The idea for a holiday light display on portable toilets first started in 2013 when Service Sanitation set up a display to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra song as a video holiday card. The video was a big hit, and the company has made a new one every year. They even offer a traveling display that goes to different locations and performs. The portable toilets in the traveling display are called Porta Paul, Carl Can, Buddy Blue, and Linda Loo, respectively.

We appreciate the creativity and totally share in the sentiment of gratefulness that 2020 is about to go down the can. 

What do you think about these “#JingleJohn’s” and their take on this year’s holiday season? Sound off in the comments.