Grab your tissues (and kettlebell) and watch inspiration at work.

Watch this ad, Take Care of Yourself, produced by DocMorris of Germany. The short video follows a man who is deciding to do just that ... take care of himself.

We've watched it over and over, and it never gets old. The video inspires all of us ... young or not-so-young ... to get up and work hard to take the necessary steps to improve our overall health.

Loosely translated from German, the advertisement's description says: 

"This year is the best gift of all that we are fine and healthy. That is why your health is also a matter close to our heart. So that, especially at Christmas, you can take care of what really matters in life: to spend carefree time with your family and loved ones. DocMorris wishes you and all your relatives a happy and unforgettable celebration. Stay healthy!"

More than 5 million viewers (between original and United States-based postings) of the advertisement posted on November 30, 2020, have chimed in with their opinions:

DocMorris has a history dating back to 2000 as a health, pharmaceutical, vitamin, and cosmetic company. The company started in the Netherlands and now resides in Germany.

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