No one likes to be rushed.

A snapping turtle was anything but shellshocked in Fort Collins recently as it was trying to cross a busy road and got a helping hand from a good samaritan. As per its name, the turtle definitely went on the defensive as it was safely transported across the pavement, but thanks to the officer, it was safe, sound, and free to go on its way. 

There are sooo many puns to be made about this whole thing, and I do love a good pun, but I'll leave that to the Fort Collins Police Services who did a pretty great job in its Facebook post about the incident.

"Officers recently found this slow poke playing a perilous game of frogger on a busy roadway. We’re not sure where he was headed, but our best guess is that he ran out of gas and was looking for a Shell station," said the police service's Facebook page.

Get it? Shell station? (groan)

Luckily for this fellow, the officer was there to give him a hand, even if he was a little snappy about it. Make sure to turn the sound up to here the turtle expressing his feelings.

"For the safety of passing motorists and the wayward turtle, officers snapped into action. We’re glad to report that this reptile rescue was successful and our new friend Leonardo was removed from harm’s way!" the post said. 

The snapping turtle is one of five species of turtle in Colorado, and of all of them, it is the most equipped to defend itself. This not-so-little guy on the video was just doing what it does naturally when it is threatened: try to lock its ridiculously powerful jaws onto whatever it can. 

Snapping turtles generally are located in the east part of the state and hang around in watery areas until breeding season when they start strolling in search of mates. Their bite isn't a joke, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife has often put out advisories to avoid contact with the species when possible, as a bite can easily take a finger off. They also tend to latch on and don't let go, so anyone on the receiving end of that bite could be in for an excruciating experience. 

Luckily, this officer handled this guy correctly, and everyone was able to go on about their day safely!