Be still my heart!

We mamas are all the same. This adorable bear video posted from Boone, North Carolina, is a reminder that all babies are mischievous, and it's their mothers' responsibility to keep them in check.

A social media post from Sumer Williams is going viral after her home had some unexpected vistors in the early morning hours of August 10:

"We had some visitors last night. We woke up to their pool party, bird seed snacking, and ~12 foot deck climbing. I think the cub wanted to come inside to hang out, but his momma wasn't in the mood to deal with his mischievousness at 4am. I thought the momma would come from around the walkway to find him, I never thought she'd scale our front deck. 😧 Lil' cub popped the girls' blowup pool and they didn't even bother to clean up their mess on their way out. Guess I should have gotten the fire pit going for them if I were a good host? 🤦 Happy Monday. ❤️😬

Mom's reaction in my head played out as "Let's go, I have told you a hundred times not to bother people while we're raiding their house for goodies. We have to be silent. I've told you this. Why can't you seem to listen? I had to climb 12 feet up a pole to rescue your little butt. Get off their deck now." 😂

Check out the adorable video here:

What do you think? Are babies and mamas all the same? We can never get enough bear cub videos! Leave a comment if you agree!