"He's the only reason I'm here today."

A man celebrating his birthday and his new lease on life thanks to a stem cell transplant was surprised to learn that his donor was sitting at a table right next to him at a restaurant.

After chiming in to sing "Happy Birthday," the people seated near the man started engaging him in conversation. He shared that he had been the recipient of a stem cell transplant two years earlier from a 26-year-old man in Baltimore.

"He's the only reason I'm here today," he said.

The woman replied that they themselves were from Baltimore and asked him what his donor's name was.

"His name was Mike Drisgill," the man answered.

Then, Mike Drisgill, who had been sitting in a hat and zipped-up jacket next to the transplant recipient the entire time, revealed himself, and the two men embraced in a choked-up, emotional moment.

Watch the endearing exchange here:



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