Google just came out with their 2019 year in review video, and the results are simply inspiring.

One of the best things about Google is how quickly you can find what you're looking for, no matter how obscure or ridiculous. Every December, the search engine powerhouse puts out a video to give you a glimpse into the top trending searches for the year. Keep in mind, these are topics that saw major spikes in their popularity, not necessarily things that were searched the most. Check out this media time capsule about what the world was looking for!

From superheroes to real-life Good Samaritans, the theme of this year's video is "heroes." According to Google:

Throughout history, when times are challenging, the world goes looking for heroes. And this year, searches for heroes — both superheroes and everyday heroes — soared around the world.

Watch the inspirational 2019 "Year in Search" video here:

What does 2020 hold in store for us? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure: Google will be on hand to help us find it!

For more on how Americans used Google this past year, check out this article on the top trending searches for 2019. How many of them were things you were curious about too?

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