We've got some Stage 5 clingers here, folks.

Week 3 of The Bachelorette saw some of the men start to unravel in insecurity, which makes for just the kind of television we like to watch! 

The episode kicks off with a group date that's all about childbirth so, of course, we get to see the men hooked up to a labor simulator machine. Ever seen a grown man shreik in labor pains? Now you have. Then, you have a cocktail hour filled with men stepping all over each other to speak to Hannah, so it's interruption after interruption. There's confrontation and more chicken nuggets.

The second group date mirrors the drama, with a pet photo shoot that's meant to be a goofy good time, but ends up being a chance for grown men to throw tempter tantrums and follow Hannah around. Basically, Cam and Luke P. are the worst of the worst, and even the Bachelorette herself gets annoyed.

Check out our full recap of the episode here:

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