But, why?

If you've ever wondered what 24-year-old McDonald's burger and fries look like, wonder no longer.

TikTok user @aly.sherb has recently shared a video (below) of her grandmother who kept a McDonald's meal in a box in her closet for 24 years. The meal was purchased in 1996 and remains in its original packaging, a bag with a NASCAR advertisement on it. The box has the word "hamburger" written across the lid.

"The bread has never molded, the meat has never rotted, and it has never even broken. It's completely intact, " the woman says in the video. As for the fires, they "could've fallen under your seat a month or so ago that never rotted or decayed."

The video has been viewed more than three million times. You can watch it here:


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Now, we can understand unintentionally keeping a few fries in between the seats in your car, but to have the burger preserved in its original packaging ... in a box ... in your closet ... for 24 years?That's taking things to a whole other level, for no reason.

It makes us wonder if the burger or fries kept their recognizable smells all these years while stuffed in the back of this woman's closet—actually, you know what? Forget we asked. 

What do you think? Will you be eating from McDonald's any time soon? Comment below.