In news that is likely to terrify you: a Virginia Beach man found a snake coming out of his toilet.

You've probably heard of 'snakes on a plane,' but have you heard of 'snakes in a toilet'? Last week, a Virginia Beach man saw just that when he found a python swimming in his toilet. At first, James Hooper told The Virginian-Pilot he thought the slithering creature was part of an elaborate prank. After he got a closer look, however, he realized it was actually a real snake!

Hooper's roommate considered sticking his hand in the toilet to grab the python but, thankfully, the pair went with another plan -- a less dangerous plan. They used a fishing rod to make a catch-pole in the hopes of reeling the snake in. Hooper ended up calling animal control while they tried to catch the snake, but then animal control took over and were able to easily remove the snake.

In total, Hooper says the snake was about three and a half feet long!

It is unclear how the snake got into the toilet in the first place. Professor Lin Schwarzkopf, who specializes in ecological and evolutionary studies at James Cook University in Australia, told National Geographic that snakes probably go into toilets for nourishment and comfort.  

"Snakes drink water, like other vertebrates, and need water to survive. They are probably looking for water,” she explains. “Also, snakes like to avoid noise, lights, and disturbance, and rooms with toilets in them tend to be small and dark with good hiding places.”

Don't worry, you likely will never find a snake in your toilet! So you can rest easy, because while there have been cases of this happening throughout the world, it is still a very rare occurrence. 

If you do happen to find a snake in your toilet, remain calm and call animal control. The snake may be venomous and any attempts to move the snake could cause injury to not only yourself but the snake, too. It's best to let the professionals do it. Trust us.

What do you think, folks? Are you now terrified of your bathroom? Let us know in the comments below! And maybe start double checking your toilet before, you know, you take care of business ... Just sayin'.

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