Start your morning off with a good workout!

If you need a 5 a.m. cycling class, you’ll find it. Craving a little strength training at lunch? You can definitely squeeze in a session or two. Maybe you like to do your yoga at night. Well, you can bet on the fact that there are plenty of evening options available. 

There's something to be said for getting your exercise in first thing in the morning. Here are three reasons you should try it:

You Get It Over With

Do you really want to go through your day dreading the fact that you still have to work out? Even if you don’t dread it, it’s not exactly the most fun way to spend your evening. By working out in the morning before work, or before you get the rest of your day started, you’ve already accomplished one of your biggest tasks.

It will make you feel energized and excited to crush your goals, put you in a more positive mindset, and get you on track for a healthier day. 

Plus, your evenings will finally be free for you to do whatever you want. 

If you’re thinking you’re not a morning person, and how can you possibly wake up that early, force yourself to try it once.

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You Don’t Have to Deal With as Many People

Have you ever tried to get on a machine between 6–8 p.m. on a weekday? Usually, it’s so full that you’re lucky if you get enough room to spread your arms. Why deal with all that?

Though people (those genius people that have figured out the benefits of working out in the a.m. hours) are at the gym in the mornings, there are significantly fewer of them. You will definitely get your choice of machines and be able to lift your weights in peace. And as a bonus, you don’t have to worry about anyone else watching you. 

Like to take classes? The difference between the before-work and after-work groups is staggering. Not only is there more room, but you can also get a more personalized experience from your instructor.

You’ll Eat Better and Make More Positive Choices

If you already put in the work at the gym, why ruin all that by eating something you shouldn’t or doing something that could derail you? Use working out as a motivator for the rest of your day. 

Because you’ve done something good for your body first thing, you’ll want to continue to nourish it. Your protein smoothie after your workout can count as breakfast, and you won’t be as hungry for lunch, and so on. And working out makes your body crave water, so you’ll be able to substitute all those not-so-great-for-you drinks like Frappuccinos and soft beverages. 

Exercising releases endorphins that just make you feel happier. When you feel happy your anxiety or sadness or stress (or whatever other extreme emotion you may feel) spirals less. You’ll be more centered and think clearer. If a coworker makes a mistake or your friend texts you something that would normally piss you off, you won’t be grumpy and respond in a way you may later regret. You’ll be able to see the big picture much better. 

Do you work out in the morning? Let us know in the comments below!