Modern Vein Treatment 

Despite its nationwide prevalence, varicose veins are often overlooked as a mild, and purely cosmetic condition. Even some of those who suffer from it dismiss it as a symptom of getting older, but that's just not the case. If ignored, it can lead to life-threatening conditions like pulmonary embolism and other complications, so it's something you'll want to address – at the very least, to relieve the pain associated with the condition.

The good news is that vein treatment has come a long way in the past 50-or-so years, and many are finding the relief they need. If you're one of the three million Americans who suffer from varicose veins, here are five myths surrounding varicose veins that might be preventing you from living a healthier life. 

Myth 1: Varicose Veins Only Affect Older People

Varicose veins can occur in any person at any age, and although they're more commonly seen in older people, pregnant women are also at risk. Which leads us to Myth 2 ... 

Myth 2: Varicose Veins Are Always Visible 

Studies have shown that nearly 40 percent of the adult population shows some form of vein disease, and it's not always visible. Sometimes symptoms such as leg pain, itching, pressure, a feeling of heaviness, and those associated with restless leg syndrome can all be tied back to vein issues. 

Myth 3: Varicose Vein Treatment Requires Surgery

You may have heard about the painful treatments of old, but cases where surgery is required are increasingly rare. Now, thanks to modern medicine, many therapies and procedures are minimally invasive and allow patients to get back to their daily activities that same day. 

Myth 4: Varicose Veins Are Just Something You Have to Live With 

Although varicose veins are very common, and vary from case to case, the pain, throbbing, and itching associated with the condition can be debilitating and keep you from doing the things that you love to do. Luckily, it's not something you just have to live with, and something as simple as compression socks might help make a drastic improvement. Of course, we recommend you see a licensed health professional for a complete health plan. 

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