Join the Booty Army, and sweat yourself sexy.

If you love a good sweat, hard workout, and just having fun, then you need to check out The Fitness Marshall. I have been a follower since 2017, recently joining his monthly subscription, and I would not change dance instructors.

Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall) works along with his beau, Cameron Moody, and best friend, Haley Jordan, who are both extremely supportive of his journey and give the videos some extra spunk. Together, they built "a Booty Army" following all on their own and now get thousands of views via YouTube and live-stream workouts.

Here are five reasons why The Fitness Marshall needs to be your No. 1 dance instructor! 

He's All-Inclusive

Marshall includes his followers in his decisions -- even people of every shape or size. Before posting a new workout to YouTube, Caleb posts little clips of two possible intros of a new song and dance he's working on and asks us to vote on our choice (which makes us feel like we are part of the operation). Not only that, but he created discussion boards on his members' page to allow us to make song suggestions, give our input, and more. Bonus: Marshall includes tutorials to all the songs so we can figure out how to do the dances instead of just flaring around like idiots. 

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He's Motivating, Fun, and Real 

During his videos, Marshall usually goofs around, owning his mistakes. He is an all-around funny guy, and I usually end up laughing at least once during his dance videos because of a joke he makes or how he describes his dance moves. Best of all, he reminds us during the live videos not to take it too far, and he has one of his back-up booties do an easier version of the dance so we don't feel like we aren't trying hard enough. The fun atmosphere of his videos actually makes it motivating to come back over and over again. 

See what I mean?

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He Picks the Best Songs

From our Queen B, Beyonce, to BTS (a K-Pop Group), he makes sure to pick a wide range of songs to dance to. Also, he has a song suggestion forum where Booty Army Members can suggest songs they like or want to be made into a dance. Caleb makes sure to pick from all the favored pop stars like Kesha, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and many more. 

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He Has a Live-Stream Service and Member Page 

For $15 a month, you can stream his workouts (old and new) onto your TV. You get so many perks with the membership, including weekly live-stream workouts every Wednesday; early access to YouTube videos (new workouts); exemptions from intros, outros, and ads; access to discussion forums, tutorial videos, and sweat sets (workout compilations); and early access to his tour dates. 

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His Workouts Are No Joke 

He works out your entire body while you dance around your living room because he likes to sneak in squats, jumps, and plenty of arm movements. You end up working out all the muscles in our body! I recommend stretching before AND after -- or you'll regret it. 

Courtesy of The Fitness Marshall

Me, when I'm done doing one of his workouts: 

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Are you a member of the Booty Army? Do you want to become a member now? Are you already a member? Tell us in the comments.