For many us with glasses, wearing a face mask means seeing the world through foggy lenses.

Is there anything worse than mouth-breathing in a mask, sending streams of vapor up to steam up your specs? Here are some tips to keep the cloudiness at bay.

1. The easiest thing you can do is purchase some anti-fog solution.

Similar to the stuff you put on your car's windshield, it does actually work to keep your glasses clear. If you can't find it locally, then try washing your glasses in soapy water. That should also do the trick temporarily.

2. If you can find them, form-fitting masks with a flexible metal strip at the top work wonders.


3. If you don't have that custom fit, try some medical tape to keep your breath from flowing straight up to your lenses.

4. Try trapping warm breath in the mask with a tissue clipped to the top of your mask.

5. Feeling crafty? You can try to make a more contoured mask that looks more cup-like in appearance. Flat masks are the biggest culprits for creating foggy glasses, so avoid them if you can.

What methods have you tried to keep your glasses from fogging up while wearing a face mask? Let us know in the comments!