Try these 7 ways to beat that cabin fever and keep yourself from going stir-crazy.

As we all adjust to working at home, homeschooling kids, and being in close quarters with family and pets all day, it's quite normal to start feeling a little bit stir-crazy. Here are 7 wacky ways to beat that cabin fever!

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7 Ways to Beat Going Stir-Crazy

1. Make a Time Capsule 

Since life as we know it has taken a major pause, there's a lot of reflection going on. Why not take some of that anxiety and make a time capsule? If you were tasked with leaving the only connection to our specific time for future generations, what would you include? Write a letter, for example, depicting all of our amazing technology and progress. (Explaining social media alone might take a full notebook!) Take pictures, find an item or two you can let go, and fill up a container of your choice. You can hide it in your house or find a spot in the backyard and bury it. Pick a date far in the future to come back and look at it, and see how things have changed ... and how they have stayed the same.

2. Set a Daily Step Goal and Walk It Off!

Pretty much everyone has a cell phone with a built-in step counter, and if you don’t have one, there are a ton of free apps out there. Set a step goal for your day, whatever works for you, then do whatever you can to meet that goal between the time you get up and when you go to bed. You may have to take a walk or two, do some laps around the yard, some sets up and down the stairs ... it will get you moving, get you outside, and get your mind off of everything, even for a little while.

3. A Question a Day Sends Crazy Away 

This one can be done in a few ways. You can start by picking a question every day and ask everyone in your house to write down or tell you the answer. So, you can learn about everyone, their biggest fears, biggest dreams, weirdest nightmare, who they would save in the zombie apocalypse, what animal they would want to be reincarnated as, and so on. 

This one can also be a social media activity. Simply post your question each day and then spend the day reading the answers.

Another option is to pick a random question you have always wanted to know and find the answer to it. This one is less of a group activity, but will keep the mind moving and will, at the very least, give you a new bit of knowledge for the day.

4. Adult Coloring Books ... #$@! Yeah! 

These are super fun and not appropriate for kids, and that’s fine. Sometimes you need to let out some steam and coloring in a beautiful rendition of a naughty insult is one awesome way to do it. If you don’t have a swear word coloring book, order one online or find a free site to print one out. It's totally worth your time, trust us.

5. Dance Till You Drop

When the long days and cramped spaces start to get to you, one way to let out a little of that angst is to dance. Find that tune that makes your heart dance, crank it up, and let loose. Who cares if you look silly? This is your time. Just dance. Let the rhythm take you, and let that stress go. A daily dose of dancing can go a long way.

6. An Unusual Talent Show

Hold a talent show, just because. This can be small with just the people in your house or can be an online thing, so set up a time and invite friends on social media. Do a live feed or have everyone share videos of their special, unique, quirky, and weird talents. 

7. Adopt a Shelter Pet

This will liven up your days, give you something to focus on every day, and give you a new companion to fill these long hours. Plus, pets need to be walked, fed, brushed and loved on, which will help break up the monotony of being isolated and away from a lot of people. Learn more here.

If none of these ideas work for you, try meditation, yoga, or deep-cleaning your entire house. Or, you can try to learn something new, like a different language, earn a Google certification, maybe build a birdhouse. People are decorating their houses with Christmas lights to keep spirits bright in these unsure times, so that's a great option, too. If all that fails, well ... there's always the old standby of watching hours of dog and cat videos.

What other methods do you use to beat going stir-crazy? Do you know of anything that works? What's the craziest thing you have done to mellow down the feeling of cabin fever? Give us the scoop in the comments.