Feel like you have gained a few pounds since COVID-19? Well, you're not alone. 

A recent survey of adults in the United States revealed that 71 million Americans have gained weight since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. About 71% of Americans also admit that their weight impacts how they feel about themselves, including their identity. This was expressed strongly among parents and women. In fact, women and moms were impacted more than men by weight gain during the pandemic.

Biotechnology company Gelesis partnered with third-party research firm Kelton Global to conduct the study, which took place from October 26, through November 3, 2020. An online survey was taken with 1012 adults responding.

According to this survey, about 3 of every 5 Americans are trying to lose weight. 

The survey revealed some very interesting things when it comes to the state of mind and physical health of Americans currently:

  • 63% of all participants agreed that healthy lifestyle habits are harder to keep during the pandemic.
  • 52% feel bad about how they look during the pandemic. 
  • 42% said they do not feel supported by their healthcare provider in their weight loss goals.
  • 58% reported needing more support from others to lose weight. 
  • Women were more likely than men to report weight gain contributed by their anxiety during the pandemic (39% vs 26 %).
  • 60% of women and 44% of men reported feeling bad about how they look. 
  • Women with children were more likely to feel that other priorities got in the way of losing weight. 
  • 40 million Americans would give up social media for the rest of the year if it would help them lose 10 or more pounds. 
  • 22% of Americans, according to this study, would abstain from sexual activity for the rest of the year to lose 10 pounds. 

There were some positives reported, as well:

  • 3 in 5 Americans feel some sort of pressure to be healthier.
  • 64% reported motivation to eat healthier and 63% reported trying to have a healthier overall lifestyle.
  • 3 in 10 reported being more active since the pandemic began. 
  • 51% reported cooking at home more during the pandemic.
  • 50% reported drinking more water. 
  • 60% want to feel healthier and 61% reported planning to lose weight in 2021.

For the full survey results and methodology, check out the official press release here

The struggle to get healthy is real for so many people these days. There are some things that everyone can do to stay healthy that don't involve loads of money. The first thing is to remember to move more and not eat a bunch of unhealthy snacks all day. It's important to not make yourself feel bad or get in your own head about weight loss, that can derail the whole thing before it even gets going. A positive attitude goes a long way. Remember that getting healthy is a process, you may see and feel results right away, it may take a while, and sometimes it's a roller coaster.

Along with a healthy diet, it is important to exercise and get yourself moving more. This is a big one, and it can be hard to stay motivated, especially when people are working from home all the time and have a lot of things that can get in the way. Check out our guide on how to stay motivated to exercise, as well as these tips on how to get back into a workout routine after months of quarantine. Research has shown that exercise boosts immunity and can help ward off COVID-19, which only adds to the benefits of starting a healthy routine right now.

Most importantly, don't give up on getting healthy. Find a friend or family member that wants to go on this journey with you and support each other. Getting healthy is a worthwhile goal and something that will benefit the body and mind. It's always worth it, and though it may be hard, and not fun at times, you are worth it. Here is to a healthier, happier 2021.

How do you feel about being healthy during the pandemic? Have you found yourself gaining weight, or feeling less active? We want to hear how you are doing, and ways to get healthy in the comments.