That dread and anxiety you feel on Sunday afternoons—also known as the "Sunday Scaries"—are very real. And the majority of Americans are right there with you. 

For many, the elation of Friday melts into the serenity of Saturday and quickly fizzles into the slump of Sunday evening. Back in 2015, Monster conducted a poll and found that 76 percent of Americans suffer from the Sunday night blues that are "really bad." This was in comparison to the 42 percent of European respondents who claimed the same.

So what exactly are the Sunday Scaries? Technically speaking, they're a sort of anxiety about the upcoming week. Some dread going back to work, while others simply shrink from the looming bills due and other responsibilities ... you know, things we tend to forget about in the throes of a fun weekend.

A 2019 study commissioned by Charisma, a luxury bedding company, drilled down further and found that the Sunday Scaries start around 3:58 p.m. Take a look at the other findings from the survey:

Some of the things people do to make Monday a little less aggravating may in turn lessen the effects of the Sunday blues. If you're really worried about a project or a client response, go ahead and check your work email. Just don't forget to follow that up with something fun!

Try to remember that the workweek doesn't define you and that "getting in trouble" at work isn't worth the angst of an anxiety-riddled weekend.

In the end, Sunday is just another day. So is Monday ... and Tuesday. Once you can let go of the Sunday dread, you can try to enjoy the entire day.

How do you handle the Sunday Scaries? Do you even get them at all? Let us know in the comments!