It seems that Apple has been secretly working on the technology to help monitor blood sugar for those with diabetes, according to a report by CNBC. Turns out, it's not so secret anymore.

For the last five years, Apple has been secretly trying to figure out a way to monitor blood sugar levels without being invasive. This project unknown to the general public... Until now. It's been reported that at least 30 people are involved in the glucose-sensing technology for those with diabetes. This secret initiative was originally envisioned by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The sensors will not only be non-invasive, but they will continue to check blood sugar levels to better treat diabetes. A breakthrough like this would change everything. In the past, many scientists and various companies have tried and failed to accomplish this daunting task since it's extremely difficult to track and monitor glucose levels without piercing the skin. Apple seems to have a hold on things, seeing as they've been conducting trials at clinical sites across the Bay Area. The devices, as seen in Steve Job's vision, were to be wearable devices that will keep track of an individual's oxygen levels, heart rate and blood glucose. Today, that vision is more along the lines of optical sensors that shines a light through the skin to measure the indications of glucose. In order for this to become attainable, it would cost the company "several hundred millions or even a billion dollars."
It seems that Apple isn't the only technology company eyeing opportunities to aid in monitoring diabetes. Verily – a Google's life sciences team – is working on a "smart" contact lens that measures blood sugar via the eye. What do you think about Apple's attempt to measure blood sugar for those with diabetes? Do you think we will be seeing this type of technology in other areas of medicine in the future? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments! Featured photo courtesy of Apple.

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