Most likely, you have already been feeling this shift in energy. What does it mean for you?

Although you may not be able to see this Lunar eclipse from where you're positioned on the planet, there's a good chance you're feeling it. Right now, the energies that are being brought in by this Total Lunar Eclipse (May 26) are no joke. When you're feeling extra sensitive, Astrology can be a great place to go to try and make sense of unexplainable feelings and synchronicities arising in your life. 

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With this eclipse taking place in the sign of Sagittarius, many people will be releasing old belief systems, while others will be accepting new ones as their truth. 

When looking at where your planets are positioned at the time of your birth, you can start to dive into details such as your sun sign, your moon sign, your rising sign, and many other factors that make up the person you are today. Astrology is a never-ending learning process with lots of moving parts, so to make it easy, we will just give you a basic understanding of what is happening and shifting on the planet right now. You can decide how this is speaking to you through your own experiences, synchronicities, and/or dreams.

If you are interested in diving into more details on astrology, you can go to to see where the planets were positioned at the exact time of your birth. If you are looking for someone to help you understand astrology better, check out Molly McCord at and on YouTube at Molly McCord channel.

Our story is being rewritten

While eclipse energy can provide surprising events in our external and internal worlds, it also brings the feeling that everyday life is moving faster. These bursts of energy can catapult us into a direction filled with quick changes and acceleration of what we are putting our focus on. Working with these energies, and having an intention for this "portal" of energy, can help in our personal manifestations and goals. Be clear on what you want, have a vision, and release patterns that no longer serve your growth.

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Pay attention to the patterns – Moon in Sagitarrius

Since this eclipse is happening at 5 degrees of Sagitarrius, it's beneficial to know that we have had many reoccurring eclipses near this point within our life. What this means, is that you may be addressing similar situations and experiences that occurred around these past celestial events. 

During the eclipse in May 2002, there was an alignment with the south node of the moon that is similar to this eclipse taking place now. It brings about an energy of letting go of what you are no longer wanting to be connected to. The act of letting go of beliefs about ourselves in the world and looking at those things that formed our belief system. Have they helped you? Are they still helping you? Are you ready to shed them and open up to new ways of thinking? What was happening in your life during May 2013, May 2002, May 1994, and May 1975? What similar themes are playing out for you in your life right now that need to be seen?

With the eclipse taking place in and Sagitarrius—and Sagittarius being a fire sign—something is pulling us to know more, to see things from a different perspective, and expand. Sagittarius is a sign that deals with higher learning, But just as there are expansive and positive traits that can get brought up, there is also the limited aspect of Sagittarius energy that can keep us bound within our own belief system, spinning in the energies of judgment, fixated on right and wrong, seeing from a lens of black-and-white thinking that wants to tell others what to believe, etc. This has a direct connection to your individual sense of self which in turn gets mirrored to the people around you. 

This eclipse is helping to open us up to where we have let fear guide us. It's shining light on the areas where we have allowed fear to shut down our growth, dim our confidence, and cover up our own unique light.

What is the story we tell ourselves? – Multiple Planets in Gemini

While the total lunar eclipse takes place in Sagitarrius, we also have multiple planets in Gemini. The Gemini energy is urging us to understand more of who we are. What are the stories we tell ourselves? Are you feeling restless for change? If so, be sure to call in what you are ready to receive. These energies do not just involve the "now," they involve everything from the last decade (2010–2020), so ask yourself, what has shifted for you since the 2013 eclipse? These energies are assisting us to rise up into our authentic selves, so what does your authentic self look like? 

The subconscious mind is full of wisdom, and just like an antenna, our body picks up on energies and frequencies unseen around us. These energies are often misunderstood when trying to transcribe them through the mind only. Important pieces can be left out and we can fall short on what these energies were intended to provide. Intuition and heart are huge components when it comes to the whole, and this is exactly what these eclipse energies are reminding us of at this time. Release the programs and systems you don't want to take forward and focus on the opportunities you want to create and realize that the mind is not where we will find the answer, it will take a full spectrum energy intention of heart, mind, and soul.