A 2017 infographic from the CDC has nothing to do with the coronavirus.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention infographic was related to coronavirus and that it is the recommendation of the CDC that people shave their beards. This story has been corrected.

Trying to get your boyfriend to shave his beard? 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), also known as the gurus of what’s best for our health, released an infographic back in 2017 suggesting that minimum facial hair can help you more effectively affix a protective respirator mask to your face. This is because facial hair can get in the way of a facepiece respirator and decrease the effectiveness of the mask.

A few weeks ago, that old infographic went viral (hehe), touting that shaving one's beard was a way to keep from catching the virus.

But no: that is not true, CDC is saying. The infographic was created more than two years ago to accompany this article on their site, completely unrelated to coronavirus.

men with face masks

Courtesy of AOL

As humorous as the graphic is, the CDC wants to make sure that it's perfectly clear that only those showing symptoms of the virus (and those in a caretaker role) need to wear the respirators.

They also don’t recommend the routine use of them outside of workplace settings. It’s not necessary out in public because the spreading of the virus happens within close person-to-person contact, within six feet.

Some other suggestions from the CDC include covering your cough or sneeze with a tissue, avoiding public places or visiting people in hospitals, and limiting contact with your eyes and mouth. 

So, to stay safe and healthy, be sure to follow the CDC's health suggestions.

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