Pit Liquor has various scents available, from Coconut Rum to Whiskey Vanilla.

Pit Liquor is an all-natural deodorant made from whiskey and vodka—yes, really. Created by Jason and Erica as part of Distilled Bath & Body in Fort Collins, Colorado, Pit Liquors uses only active ingredients. There's not a long list of things you can't pronounce. Just a list of high-quality, all-natural ingredients that pull their weight as antimicrobial "stink-fighters."

By using overproof whiskey and vodka, the deodorant works quickly to kill the odor-causing bacteria. Arrowroot is microbial and keeps your pits drier without harmful additives often found in antiperspirants. Himalayan salt helps keep you drier longer and makes the deodorant taste terrible, ensuring that it's used as intended. Organic tea extracts and scent components like essential oils help keep the deodorant working hard and smelling great.

Pit Liquor meets every desire with deodorant spray, roll-on deodorant, and larger-sized refills to reduce waste. And the scents! Pit Liquor is available in Coconut Rum with Lime, Whiskey Vanilla, Whiskey Lavender, and Whiskey Black Pepper. My personal favorite is mixing it up with monthly limited-edition scents. This month is a timely and timeless Amber and Falling Leaves

Attention to detail is at the top of the list as the creators' research new limited-edition scents. In fact, Pit Liquor goes through a rigorous process to ensure that each drop (or spray) of deodorant is just as effective and wonderful as it claims to be. Pit Liquor's effectiveness was even tested on a middle-school cross country athlete (whoa ... the quintessential testing subject!). 

My family has been using Pit Liquor for a few months now. As you may have guessed, we're all fans. Our bodies were designed to sweat, so an antiperspirant seems counter-intuitive (not to mention the terrible ingredients). Though no one wants to smell bad in the process of going with natural ingredients. Pit Liquor has delivered as promised.

As if smelling better while using better ingredients wasn't enough, Pit Liquor is all about giving back. Each Pit Liquor purchase helps provide micro-loans and cover medical costs for those in West Africa

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