Denver also ranked No. 5 overall for "Fitness."

Looking to live that sweet, sweet healthy life? Apparently, you need to look no further than Denver!

Wallethub recently released its 2020 Healthiest and Unhealthiest Cities in America that took a deep dive into the nation's overall health, and Denver came out in the Top 10. 

Denver ranked No. 7 on the list. It came in fifth for overall fitness, which is not surprising, but finished a dismal 51st when it comes to healthcare. 

The Mile High City came in behind 1) San Francisco, 2) Seattle, 3) San Diego, 4) Portland, 5) Washington, D.C., and 6) New York. The No. 1 city, San Francisco, ranked first in Food rank and Green Space rank, as well as fourth in Fitness rank. 

Aurora also made the ranking at No. 45, and Colorado Springs finished at No. 61.

To determine which areas prioritize residents’ well-being, WalletHub compared more than 170 of the most populated U.S. cities across four dimensions and 43 key indicators of good health, from cost of medical visits to fruit and vegetable consumption to fitness clubs per capita. Check out the methodology to see all the factors of the ranking.

Source: WalletHub

The most unhealthy cities were mostly located in the South (listed here from most unhealthy first): Brownsville, Texas; Laredo, Texas; Gulfport, Mississippi; Shreveport, Louisana; and Memphis, Tennesee. 

While Denver's ranking is excellent, one expert for the ranking reminds us all that there is more to health than simple statistics, including social activities, people to connect to, and happiness. 

"Let’s not forget that health is more than just the physical aspect, it is also about one’s emotional, social, and even economic components. The first thing to remember is this: Will this place make you happy? The ‘safest’ city in the world will mean nothing if one is unhappy," said Mark J. Kittleson, Chair & Professor of Public Health, New York Medical College.

Do you agree with the rankings? Do you feel Denver is a Top-10 healthiest city? Let us know in the comments below.